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By Grandma Nancy from Saint Joseph, MO on 06/02/2021

Awesome purchase.

It was just what they advertised! My granddaughter loved it!!!!

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By Metzgo from Buffalo, NY on 06/03/2021

Just what she wanted, which is what I wanted.

My daughter is a streaming video watcher, so she doesn’t see many commercials. Happy Nappers was the only commercial she had seen, so it’s the only thing she asked for her birthday. She was so very happy to get what she wanted, and she uses it a few times a week. Ordering it was a breeze, the site was easy, the order came on time, and the product is soft with durable materials. Overall, i am pleased, and will be back gain for my son. Buy the bigger ones, they will get plenty of use out of it.

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By Cheri from Kalkaska, MI on 06/07/2021

kids love them.

Kids are so excited to use them, nap time, spending the night with Grandma or just laying on them to watch Tv.

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By Georgina from Hustonville, KY on 06/21/2021

Cute Sleeping Bags

My nephews loved them!

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By Sunshined from Gulfport, MS on 06/21/2021

Great Product

Great product for my toddler. Fits perfect and there are a variety of characters to choose from.

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By Happy Glamma from Crystal Falls, MI on 06/17/2021

Its adorable and my granddaughter loves it!

Its so stinking cute and my 2 year old granddaughter absolutely adores it, I had to purchase another so she could keep one at my house. Now my 9 year old granddaughter wants one, so I have to buy another!

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By m. ryan from Long Beach, NY on 06/15/2021

my kids love them

my kids love them we have 3 alittle on the pricy side without a coupon but great quality and design

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By Mrs A from North Las Vegas, NV on 06/15/2021

Snaps come off

After using it twice, the snaps came off the shark,

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By Cindy Kelly from Hayfork, CA on 06/14/2021

My grandkids loved them

I ordered 4 Happy Nappers for my grandkids. They love them. My only issue is I ordered A small grey shark and got a small Tobi the Tiger instead. Luckly I had to order a larger shark one anyway. So the small Tobi the tiger will be givin to a child in need.

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By Sandy the grandma from North Little Rock, AR on 06/14/2021

Happy grandkids

Kids love them!! I got both sizes since I have 3 grandkids at different ages! They all love them and use them daily.

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By Sherrie Ferrell from Livingston, TX on 06/14/2021

My grandson loves it is all that matters

Grandson is happy

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By Grandma Mackay from Lebanon, OR on 06/10/2021

Granddaughter loves it. Plays with every day.

Wanted a book with levitys name. Not digital one, so she never saw book.

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By W. Brown from Pittsburgh, PA on 06/10/2021


My little Princess totally loves it she travels with it can’t say nothing more but just simply loves it

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By Jeannie from Carrollton, TX on 06/10/2021

Perfect gift for my grandkids

My granddaughter receive one for Christmas. She’s 3. Her 2 year old brother kept getting inside with her. I bought him one too. They love them.

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By Erika Vallabhaneni from Wayne, NJ on 06/09/2021

Happy Nappers

It came on time for my nephew but the box was crushed and I was embarrassed to give it as a gift....Plus it was a different box then my neice's happy nippers....I had ordered 2

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By Amy from Glen Burnie, MD on 06/09/2021

Better than expected

You never know sometimes what you are going to get when you see a commercial for something like thse on TV. These cMe and are better than expected. I do wish they came with instructions for the "easy put away" because it took my a while to figure that out but otherwise it is great.

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By Sarah B from Bayside, NY on 06/09/2021

Their customer service was outstanding.

My son was begging for one of these Nappers. I resisted as long as possible. I craved and purchased one for him and his sister. His arrived with a broken snap, Hers was perfect. I called customer support, they talked me threw some directions and replaced it immediately. They were wonderful and I got the replacement within days. He has had it for several weeks and no issues. They stand by their product. I love and respect company that does that. They were a great purchase and I am glad I caved, they are used daily

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By Kailey from Murray, KY on 06/08/2021

Very slow shipping.

Ordered two larges and was sent wrong size. Took about 1.5 months to get the correct size.

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By JB from Lubbock, TX on 06/08/2021

Smaller than expected and I checked dimensions.

The item is very cute and seems well made but the child size is too small for even an averaged sized 4 year old. The length given seems like it should be long enough for a child that is well under the top limit but in reality a child doesn’t lay at the very top of the pillow, no one does. Usually people lay in the middle of a pillow and that cuts off a lot of space lengthwise which sadly I didn’t think to consider. Also, it is very narrow even for a thin 4 year old. She cannot zip it up with a stuffie friend even though the stuffie is no more than 12 inches long and max 6 inches wide at the widest point and floppy. To have to buy an adult size for a 4 year old is quite ridiculous given the price of the item. I suggest doing away with the kid size and just selling the adult size as one item. Although the larger size is probably very narrow as well for an adult but maybe ok for a child. The narrow width of the item makes it very difficult to roll from side to side while item is zipped.

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By Krista from Leander, TX on 06/08/2021

Cute but way to small

bought this for my 4 year old and he will never use it. the website said the larger size is for older kids, but the small one looks like it would fit an older 1-2 year old.

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By Amanda Evans from Greenville, NC on 06/08/2021

The item seemed bigger before I purchased

The item is okay I thought would be bigger tho for my 3 ur old her head doesn't reach the pillow I have add xtra pillow

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By Nana Lori from Cushing, OK on 06/08/2021

Grandson loves the Shark.

The product itself is great. I only wish the accompanying book was real as I do not have internet or printers etc.

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By Sherry - GiGi from Bucyrus, OH on 06/08/2021

They put the biggest smile on my grandkids faces!!

My grandkids love putting these side-by-side and going to sleep in them, they carry them everywhere! When they see them come on TV they go, I got that one and then another one will cry out I got that one, they just seem to love them.

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By Pop-Pop from Middle Island, NY on 06/07/2021

Did not receive the right Napper

I ordered 2 large Nappers. 1-Shark and 1-Narwhal. I received the shark but also Sammy the Seal instead of the Narwhal. The box even said 1-Large Narwhal. My granddaughter was upset but didn’t want to send the Seal back. So I kept it. It was not what I ordered so open yours as soon as you receive.

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By Shareese Cham from Bronx, NY on 06/05/2021

My son happy mapper zipper was broken

I wasted my money

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By Marla K. from Houston, TX on 05/31/2021

Great for kids!

My daughter had been asking for one for ages, so we got one for her birthday. She loves it so much she’s sleeping in it at night! We’ll probably buy one for her brother when he gets older too!

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By Grandma Honey from Pflugerville, TX on 05/28/2021

Excellent gift

My twin grandkids love their Happy Nappets! They are colorful, just as advertised, and just the right size.

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By moj0 test from Lansdale, PA on 04/07/2021

My Kids Love These

These are all so cute!

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By John and Sharlene Smith on 04/13/2021


Very nice

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By tjswan from Attica, NY on 04/13/2021

It took way to long to receive my order

I still haven't received my order. It gets here on 14th, I hope.

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