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By Happy Uncle from Macon, GA on 06/29/2021

Kids love it

My 4 year old great nice saw the advertisement on tv and said I love it. My wife and I immediately ordered it for her birthday! We got it within a week and when she had her birthday it was her favorite present. She takes it everywhere and loves to sleep in it. 5 stars made uncle and aunt a hit!!! Great present.

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By Grammy Janis from Middleburg, FL on 07/06/2021

My Grandsons Love their Happy Nappers!

My Grandsons Love their new Happy Nappers! I ordered the Extra Large ones and they are So Big! Lots of room to snuggle in and sleep or watch TV. And they are Super Soft! They are very well made and the snaps placement makes them easy for them to switch from Fun Friend to Sleeping bag. As you can tell, I'm very impressed with them and think they are worth the price! We got the Gray Shark 🦈 and the Tiger. 🐯

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By Auntie Brooke from Omaha, NE on 07/06/2021

Auntie Won The Birthday!!!

I gave Nelli the Narwhal to my niece for her 2nd birthday. It was her favorite gift of all!! She is obsessed with the soft and colorful fabrics. It’s the only thing she wants when it’s movie time. Auntie won the day with this napper!! 🙌🏻

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By Rangel fam from Montebello, CA on 07/21/2021

It’s fun for the kids

Great to see the kids enjoy it

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By Cam115 from Newburgh, NY on 07/20/2021

Happy with Happy Nappers

My daughter loves her Happy Napper! My only complaint is that it doesn't open from the inside, like a sleeping bag. I have yet to use mine because it's too hot for it right now but, I'm sure that I'll like it!

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By Olivia from Bridgeport, WV on 07/17/2021

Great product and experience

My two year old loves his Sandal the shark! We got the smaller of the two options and I’m confident we will have a few years of use.

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By Brian Perry from Ashland, OH on 07/17/2021

Good product for the kid

My son likes his happy napper.

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By laural from Wooster, OH on 07/16/2021

Grandchildren approved

my son sent me a happy nappy picture. it was my baby girls with big smiles laying in their Happy Nappers. that makes me happy. thank you!

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By Danielle from Phoenix, AZ on 07/13/2021

Lovely product and good service!

My sons begged for these and we are glad we bought them. They snap up easily and easily store as big pillows on their beds. They love to lay on them and watch tv. Also, I ordered 1 day before a sale and so wrote in and asked for a price difference refund. They promptly gave me the refund no questions asked. Shipping was also very fast.

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By Beth from Minneapolis, MN on 07/13/2021

I put the code in for the discount and I didn’t ge

The discount wasn’t taken off my order

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By Melissa from Franklin, IN on 07/13/2021

She loves it! 9 years old and aabsolutely loves

Evlyn has slept in it every single night except when she spends the night elsewhere. She asks to take it with her but i won't let her. I dont know how i will wash it if it gets dirty. The zipper broke off the first night she had it. Thats the only problem. She cried. I told her id try to fix it. So I have to get a sewing kit. And I am buying her another one to take with her on over night trips and one for her little sister. I suggest making them with a zipper for pillow so it can be taken out to wash the blanketed part easily.

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By Fred from Jackson, TN on 07/12/2021


My granddaughter loves the happy napper, takes it everywhere she goes

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By Nancy Schulz from Sobieski, WI on 07/09/2021

My Grand-Daughters Love Happy Nappers!

Izzy (age 6) and GiGi (age 4) asked for Happy Nappers for their birthdays. It took a couple of weeks to get here and they were over the moon excited!

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By DEBRA DELANCY from Sulphur, LA on 07/02/2021



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By Karina from Houston, TX on 07/01/2021

Toddler loves it, and it’s huge and soft!

I bought this for my 3 year old and her cousin who is also 3. They both loved the rainbow unicorn. The rainbow colors are so bright, and the white plush is soft and bright. It’s been out for a month, and is still really white.

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By Someone from Sunbury, PA on 06/30/2021

Not quite as great as we were expecting

They are cute, but considerably smaller than the measurments listed on the website. Also, the zipper on our large one completely broke on the third day.

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By moj0 test from Lansdale, PA on 04/07/2021

My Kids Love These

These are all so cute!

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By John and Sharlene Smith on 04/13/2021


Very nice

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By tjswan from Attica, NY on 04/13/2021

It took way to long to receive my order

I still haven't received my order. It gets here on 14th, I hope.

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By Cathy from Pasadena, MD on 06/27/2021

The large doesn’t even fit a 9 year old

Misleading sizes

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By Georgina from Hustonville, KY on 06/21/2021

Cute Sleeping Bags

My nephews loved them!

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By Sunshined from Gulfport, MS on 06/21/2021

Great Product

Great product for my toddler. Fits perfect and there are a variety of characters to choose from.

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By Happy Glamma from Crystal Falls, MI on 06/17/2021

Its adorable and my granddaughter loves it!

Its so stinking cute and my 2 year old granddaughter absolutely adores it, I had to purchase another so she could keep one at my house. Now my 9 year old granddaughter wants one, so I have to buy another!

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By m. ryan from Long Beach, NY on 06/15/2021

my kids love them

my kids love them we have 3 alittle on the pricy side without a coupon but great quality and design

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By Mrs A from North Las Vegas, NV on 06/15/2021

Snaps come off

After using it twice, the snaps came off the shark,

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By Cindy Kelly from Hayfork, CA on 06/14/2021

My grandkids loved them

I ordered 4 Happy Nappers for my grandkids. They love them. My only issue is I ordered A small grey shark and got a small Tobi the Tiger instead. Luckly I had to order a larger shark one anyway. So the small Tobi the tiger will be givin to a child in need.

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By Sandy the grandma from North Little Rock, AR on 06/14/2021

Happy grandkids

Kids love them!! I got both sizes since I have 3 grandkids at different ages! They all love them and use them daily.

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By Sherrie Ferrell from Livingston, TX on 06/14/2021

My grandson loves it is all that matters

Grandson is happy

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By Grandma Mackay from Lebanon, OR on 06/10/2021

Granddaughter loves it. Plays with every day.

Wanted a book with levitys name. Not digital one, so she never saw book.

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By W. Brown from Pittsburgh, PA on 06/10/2021


My little Princess totally loves it she travels with it can’t say nothing more but just simply loves it

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